Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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CSU Proposition 1D



1. Project Award and Design.

Project funds are distributed to campuses via the CSU Chancellors Office, which continues to monitor the budget status of projects. Funds are committed by phase, i.e. design, construction, and equipment. Completion of the design phase is determined by means of a review of the project scope, design, schedule and budget by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Capital Planning Design and Construction (CPDC), followed by presentation to and approval by the Board before requesting state approval of the design. Project architects are required to report any changes in the status of project size, room use or estimated cost throughout the design process. The state approval of design is completed by the State Public Works Board with a review of the project to ensure it is within scope and budget.    Additionally, capital projects are reviewed by a Mechanical Review Board, Seismic Review Board, plan checkers for building code compliance, the State Architects Office for access compliance, and the State Fire Marshall. When all approvals are in order, DOF authorizes approval to bid the project and award the contract to the successful bidder.

2. Project Construction.

Once a construction contract has been signed/awarded, the project is monitored by campus construction managers, inspectors and CPDC architects and engineers who make periodic site visits and oversee dispersal of contract payments. Each project’s budget status, any change orders, and contingency are reported to DOF via quarterly reports. CPDC maintains a database of information on the status of all active projects through construction completion and the cost per square foot of various building components.