Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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CSU Proposition 1D



1. Project Completion.

Upon completion of all construction, the campus reports the final size and use of all project areas for inclusion in the CPDC Space and Facilities database. The Space Management unit of the Chancellor’s Office visits the campus projects and verifies that they have been completed per the approved program. CPDC then issues a close out report to the PWB confirming the project completion. In the event of project savings, the campus prepares a request for the PWB to approve the return of funds.

2. Post Project Audits.

CPDC conducts a post project performance review of capital projects over $400,000, which incorporates a thorough review of all project records, accounts, documents and procedures to determine if the project was managed and constructed appropriately. A campus may be put on probationary status or lose its delegated authority to manage projects if the performance review uncovers evidence of failure to follow established procedures. In addition, all projects are subject to an independent financial audit process. Any budgetary or procedural discrepancies detected by the auditors are reported to the Chancellor’s Office and to the campus President for corrective action.  The audit report requires an action plan to ensure that corrective management and procedural measures are adopted.